Tampa Bay Beer Week, Inc. (TBBW), is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization established in 2012 to showcase the Tampa Bay area as an emerging and vibrant craft beer destination and to advance the local and international craft beer culture through events, education and marketing. The Board of Directors consists of representatives from distributors, breweries, retailers and independent beer enthusiasts.

TBBW created Tampa Bay Beer Week, which is a week long celebration of the vibrant beer culture found throughout the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay Beer Week begins annually on the first Saturday of March and ends 8 days later. Since the inaugural Tampa Bay Beer Week in 2012, TBBW has hosted hundreds of events such as large-scale festivals, brewing competitions, charity events, and educational seminars. The efforts of TBBW have been a major factor in the continued growth of the Tampa Bay craft beer community making this area one of the top beer tourism destinations in the Southern United States.

Tampa Bay Beer Week Media Kit.

The assets in our media kit are provided free to all for social media and poster print advertising for your TBBW events. We reserve the exclusive rights for wearables, stickers, or merchandise of any kind. The kit will be updated with posters and additional assets throughout the year as needed.