Code of Conduct

Tampa Bay Beer Week is an open event concept, meaning all are encouraged to host their own events and promote them on our calendar. We host many of our own events including Halfway There, Almost There, The Ultimate Brew, Cider & Mead Invitational, as well as dozens of smaller scale Trailhead Meetups and socials for our Tampa Bay Ale Trail. At these events we hold our board members to a standard of professional behavior and expect our brewery partners, representatives, sponsors, and guests to conduct themselves with respect to local laws and community standards. All are welcome here, and we want everyone to feel safe at our events. 

In 2022, we introduced a partnership with WeVow to encourage anyone participating at our events to report concerns of harassment. It is important to note that hundreds of events are posted on our site every year and each of these are individually hosted by other businesses and organizations. We encourage each to consider adopting a similar standard of conduct and welcome your feedback should an event on our site not meet our standard. In this case please email and we will review and respond accordingly. 

With respect to Brewer's Association code of conduct and applicable elements of their Marketing and Advertising Code we have adapted the language below. We are not currently a membership based organization, but will hold these standards at our events or the events posted on our website. We would like to emphasize that we are a separate organization and our own interpretation of this code will be reviewed on a case by case basis within our board and select committees of the the board.


A. Introduction

1. Tampa Bay Beer Week promotes and protects the interests of craft beer producers, distributors, and retailers working in our home market. To effectively advance that mission, TBBW  and their representatives must set an example by acting with honesty and integrity, conducting themselves professionally, and embracing everyone.

2. Tampa Bay Beer Week accordingly requires that all participants conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to this Code may result in suspension or removal from events or other disciplinary action.

3. When this Code discusses obligations of participants, it also imposes those obligations on the individual officers, directors, partners, employees, and other representatives of a participating company. This Code also applies to the conduct of individuals serving on Tampa Bay Beer Week committees and subcommittees who are not associated with a participating company.


B. Compliance with Law


1. Brewing and the sale of beer are heavily regulated. Participants must make reasonable efforts to understand and comply with all applicable legal requirements imposed on their operations by federal, state, and local authorities.

2. Participants must not willfully violate or disregard the requirements of the law. A pattern of repeated violations may demonstrate willfulness.

C. Respect for the Individual and Groups

1. Everyone deserves to operate and co-exist in an environment where each individual is treated with dignity and respect.

2. Tampa Bay Beer Week is an organization committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and from abusive, offensive, or harassing behavior.

3. Therefore, all Tampa Bay Beer Week participants must:

 a. Treat all individuals and groups respectfully, recognizing their human dignity, regardless of their diverse human characteristics: race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status.

b. Contribute to a positive environment that is free of hostile and offensive behaviors; i.e., free from harassment. Harassment means any unwelcome and inappropriate verbal or physical conduct, or coercive behavior, where the behavior is known or reasonably ought to be recognized as unwanted or unwelcome.

c. Speak out without fear of retaliation when the actions of others violate the rights of any individuals or groups.

d. Respect the opinions of others and address conflicts in a positive and

 constructive manner.

e. Respect other’s privacy in their personal lives.

f. Treat all individuals and groups professionally and respect their personal property.


D. Responsible Alcohol Consumption


1. As brewers and members of the community of brewing enthusiasts, members

may share and enjoy alcohol beverages at TBBW events.

2. In consuming alcohol beverages, participants must adhere to principles of responsible consumption.

3. Participants must protect the image of both TBBW and the brewing industry generally by taking steps to ensure no member, including themselves, will break any laws in the process of purchase, sharing or consuming of alcohol beverages in association with TBBW events.

4. Should participants consume more than a reasonable amount of alcohol and either are or appear to be incapable of functioning, either legally or appropriately, TBBW participants accept their duty-to-act to keep those impaired participants from breaking any laws and from harming themselves or others.


E. Responsible Alcohol Marketing


Event participants and hosts must adhere to our Marketing and Advertising Code as adapted from the Brewers Association Marketing and Advertising Code, available at marketing-code/.


General Guidelines


1. Beer advertising shall portray beer in a socially responsible and respectful way. This can include depicting people enjoying their lives and socializing while beer is present and being consumed in a responsible manner.

Beer advertising and marketing materials should not:

a. portray, encourage, or condone driving and drinking;

b. depict situations where beer is being consumed excessively, involuntarily, as part

of a drinking game;

c. portray persons lacking control over their behavior as a result of consuming beer;

d. portray or imply illegal activity as a part of drinking beer;

e. make representations about unsubstantiated health benefits;

f. claim or represent that individuals cannot obtain social, professional, educational,

athletic or financial success or status without beer consumption;

g. claim or represent that individuals cannot solve social, personal, or physical

problems without beer consumption;

h. promote underage drinking;

i. contain sexually explicit, lewd, or demeaning brand names, language, text, graphics, photos, video, or other images that reasonable adult consumers would find inappropriate for consumer products offered to the public;

j. contain derogatory or demeaning text or images.

2. A brewer’s advertising should focus solely on communicating to adult consumers of legal drinking age.

3. Beer advertising and marketing materials should not disparage competing beers. Comparisons or claims distinguishing competing beers should be factual.


TBBW Pledge of Conduct


1. We will behave in a professional manner and will respect the reputation of the brewing industry and the other organizations with which we interact.

2. We will seek to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and in all cases will not willfully violate the law.

3. We will respect the human dignity of all individuals and groups we interact with, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status.

4. We will promote lawful cooperation within the craft brewing industry in which we work, and between members, customers, and suppliers.

5. We will act at all times in accordance with ethical standards and in the best interest of the brewing industry.