This is the sixth edition of the Tampa Bay Ale Trail. It is a labor of love that we produce not only for your enjoyment, but as a way to drive business to our local breweries. We celebrate brands large and small, who produce limited and regular releases, that specialize in classic styles and those know for wild variations. Whether you find a new favorite far away, or an unexpected surprise next door, it is the goal of this guide to pull you out of your comfort zone and reward your desire to explore.

You will find new icons representing familiar attributes for 8 unique regions. Tampa is the pirate ship, the only inanimate representation, but a long used symbol of the city embraced by parades, music and film festivals, and an NFL team. For the first time we separated Ybor as a subregion where rooster crowing is part of daily life. St Pete's pelican is part of its flag, city seal, and waterfronts. Dunedins oranges tell an amazing story of mischievous art turned into a beloved city symbol. Between sightseeing cruises and statues throughout the city, the dolphin seemed a natural choice for Clearwater. The manatee is right on the nose for Sarasota/Manatee. Lakeland's swans descended from a pair given to the city by the Late Queen Elizabeth II. Finally, the mermaid and its decades of history in Weeki Watch, represents our northernmost trail stops. 

This of you who have been with us for a while will be excited to see a couple of new prizes. We're sure you'll be as excited about them as we are. Like last year the final prize is a challenge coin with a puzzle on one side. The first three hikers to discover its secret will receive an additional reward. The answer is on therein so earn those stamps!

How it Works

1. Purchase a Tampa Bay Ale Trail Passport online or directly at a participating retailer. Passports are $30.00 and are valid Jan 1 - Dec 31. 
2. Visit a participating brewery and present this passport when you purchase a beer (pint, flight, package-to-go, crowler or growler fill) to receive a "First Visit" passport stamp. The more unique breweries you visit earns incentives directly from us collected at one of our Trailhead Meetups. Return to this same brewery on a future date and purchase a beer (pint, flight, package-to-go, crowler or growler fill) and receive a "Return Visit BOGO Redeemed"; stamp and complimentary pint at the brewery's discretion of equal or lesser value than the beer (pint, flight, package-to-go, crowler or growler fill) purchased.


1. BOGO Pints. Visit a brewery and collect a "First Visit" stamp in your passport. Return on a future date, buy another pint, and get one more FREE that day.
2. Earn additional merchandise incentives directly from the Tampa Bay Ale Trail by visiting as many unique breweries as possible. Collect all four!
3. Collect your hard-earned incentives at our monthly Trailhead Meetups (we usually skip March) held at a participating TBAT brewery. Be sure to like/follow our Facebook, check out the events page on this website, or subscribe to our email newsletter for upcoming dates.

Incentives Include

1st: TBAT Branded Slap Koozie - (20) Unique Breweries
2nd: TBAT Branded Soft Side Cooler - (40) Unique Breweries
3rd: TBAT Branded Snapback Hat- (60) Unique Breweries
4th: Challenge Coin - (79) Unique Breweries 2023 

The Fine Print

1. This Passport and associated incentive program is valid from Jan 1 to December 31 of the calendar year posted in the book. All BOGO pints must be collected on or before December 31st.
2. You must be 21 years or older to participate in the Tampa Bay Ale Trail.
3. Limit one Passport per person and only one stamp may be earned per brewery per day.
4. Incentives will be distributed at Tampa Bay Ale Trail “Trailhead Meetups” held at a participating brewery. Our primary means of communicating these meetups is through social media and our website. We don't do meetups at ticketed events or festivals because we always want free access for everyone. The last date to collect incentive stamps is December 31, and we hold two last Meetups in January 2024 to redeem those December stamps. Breweries that close permanently will not count against the total for the final incentive. But if you have collected that stamp from a brewery before they closed it benefits you in counting for your totals. For example the 2023 edition started with 81 but 2 have already closed. As of right now you'll only need 79 stamps for the final Incentive. And likewise if you have 20, 40, or 60 of any breweries open or closed, then you still get those corresponding incentive items. Either way the stamps work in your favor.
5. Enjoy the Tampa Bay Ale Trail responsibly, do not drink and drive. Tampa Bay Beer Week, Inc, its employees and representatives are not liable for any and all damages or issues of any kind resulting from participation in the Tampa Bay Ale Trail. Use at your own risk.
6. BOGOs are at the discretion of participating breweries. Please discuss BOGO before purchase on your return visit. We hold that it is unreasonable to expect that purchasing a crowler, special release bottle, or package, will require the brewery to give you a second crowler, special release bottle, or package. Equal or lesser value refers to the brewery's choice in serving you a standard size pour of an option they see appropriate. If you purchase a lower priced pour it is reasonable to assume you will get a similarly valued pour as your BOGO. If you purchase a higher priced pour the brewery may choose to give you an equally priced pour, or they may offer you a lower priced pour. We can't controll the individual decisions of the various businesses, and they do this as a kindness to the program and to you. There are many reasons that a server may deny service at any time, including intoxication or rudeness. Be kind, and be safe.
7. Rules are subject to change without notice. There's only so much room in the book. We'll always try to elaborate on this page.

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